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Snail Mail

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Snail Mail
With the Holidays right around the corner, I'm sure that you will be writing and sending a number of cards to friends and family. Why not make them beautiful?!? I'm a firm believer that all mail should be thoughtful and I tend to put a lot of effort into anything I send. Unique stamps, colorful envelopes/liners and calligraphy go a lonnnnng way. Although some people may throw it out, I'm one of those crazy paper ladies that hangs on to letters FOREVER. I guess I like to reminisce. 

Although these envelope liners look super fancy, they are very easy to make and will dress up your letters in minutes. You better find a local Paper Source and a pen pal fast because these liners are AMAZING!

All products used in this post are from Paper Source. :)
- Tape runner
- Envelope liner template kit

  1. Grab some envelopes and papers to use for the liners. 
  2. Trace around the envelope liner template on the back of the paper you selected for your liner.
  3. Cut. 
  4. Insert your liner into the envelope and run your tape runner along the back edges of the liner's top flap. 
  5. Fold the envelope flap down (like you are sealing the envelope). This will allow for the liner to adhere to the back of the flap. 
You now have the prettiest mail in town!

In case you were searching for gifts for your pen pal or that overly "organized" friend, here are some of my favorite desk accessories!

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