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Tassel Table Runner

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Tassel Table Runner
Hi guys! It has been awhile! Life and work have kept me busy, but I'm so excited to finally share another DIY with you. This is by far one of my favorite DIY projects. Katie Kime fabric + tassels = AMAZING. Picking what color tassels to make, aside from relearning how to use a sewing machine,  was probably the hardest thing about this project. I literally want to make the same table runner with tassels in like 20 other colors. I'M OBSESSED. Clearly.

I hope you love this DIY as much as I do! Every tablsescape could use a trendy runner, so you better get on it. Happy crafting!

  1. Fabric of your choice - I used Katie Kime's Seeing Spots in black
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Iron
  5. Sewing machine
  6. DMC embroidery floss (4 of each color) - I used DMC colors 3839 (purple) and 954 (green)
  7. Large sewing needle 
  8. Sewing pins
  9. Comb 
  10. Index card or small piece of cardboard - The width of your index card or piece of cardboard will determine how long your tassel is. Size accordingly.
Tassel Details: 
- Cut two 12" pieces of floss. One will be used to tie the top tassel knot and the other will be used to wrap around the top to create the tassel head.
- Using your index card or small piece of cardboard, wrap the floss around and around until there is none left.  Make sure to end your winding on the same side that you started from. That will be the bottom of the tassel.
- Take one 12" piece of floss and slide it under the wrapped floss. Tie a knot at the top end of the tassel.
- Slide your tassel off of the index card/cardboard. Take your other 12" piece of floss and tie about .5" down from the top. This is your tassel head. Once you have your knot, take one side of the string and wrap it 3 more times. This will create a more defined tassel head. Tie again and trim off excess string.
 - Find the middle of the tassel bottom and cut in half. Trim and fluff the fibers with a comb.

Table Runner Details: 
- Measure and cut your fabric to a desired length and width. Make sure to leave .5" extra on each side.
- Fold over and iron .5" of fabric on each side and secure with sewing pins.
- Sip and sew. Wine helps.
- Thread the large floss needle with your tassels and sew them onto the finished runner.

THAT'S IT! Now you have a great conversation piece that was made with love in the good ol' USA.

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