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Stitch & B$tch

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Stitch & B$tch

Stitching and b$tching - a new obsession of mine. Sewing is making a comeback, but in a different way and with a different demographic, Generation Y. The traditional "Home Sweet Home" cross-stitch pattern that was once hanging in your mother's kitchen isn't all that popular anymore. Instead, "Home of where the Fart is" and pop culture references that better resonate with Generation Y are the patterns that are selling and trendy.

For my wedding, my mother made an amazing hand stitched handkerchief that said "Keep Your Shit Together." It was personal, special, hysterical, and obviously a great DIY. Hence, I had to make one myself to share with you! I figured "No Ugly Crying" was quite fitting and appropriate for a handkerchief. We all know that cinched up, somewhat unattractive look our face makes when the tears are about to roll. It's certainly not cute, at least not for me.  Anyway, this is the perfect DIY if you can't think of a good, personalized gift for a friend that is getting married. It's a humorous keepsake that he or she will for sure treasure.

What you need:
- Light box
Template to Download - I included a couple of different "No Ugly Crying" styles for you to choose from
- Pencil (6B) for tracing
- Embroidery needle
- Embroidery floss
- White handkerchief - I love scallops, so I bought these
- Tape

Get it done:
1. Print out your template and tape it to the light box.
2. Place your handkerchief over the paper template and use your 6B pencil to trace around the letters.
3. Start stitching! If you don't know how to sew, don't stress! There are so many YouTube tutorials out there for you to watch and learn. :)

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