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Decorating for the Holidays

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Decorating for the Holidays

It's hard to believe that it is already December! Where has the time gone?!?  This year has been amazing and I certainly know that I have a million things to be thankful for. Between getting engaged to the love of my life and buying my first home, 2016 has been a year full of surprises!

The holidays call for lots of decorating, wrapping, parties, and cocktails. Everything I LOVE! I wanted to share a couple of my Christmas decorating tips/ideas that hopefully will help generate your own creative ideas.

Faux Flowers & Ribbon: Attacking the Christmas tree decorating can be a task and it's expensive,  especially if you don't have a large collection of ornaments. I suggest using faux flowers and wired ribbon to decorate your tree. Both tree accessories are great fillers and you can get them on super sale at Michaels. This year, I went with a PINK theme, as expected. I used faux pink poinsettias, roses and gold leaves and ribbon.

Mistletoe: Although you should hang mistletoe in a walkway where you can easily steal smooches from your beau, it is sometimes annoying to have it in an area where you constantly bump into it. Instead, tie it to the bottom of a chandelier. I tied mine on the chandelier over our dinner table and it looks great! No holes in the wall, which makes everyone happy! 

Railing & Mantles: Get yourself some pine roping. I promise it will "Christmasfy" your mantles and rails. Plus, it's cheap. I got 30' of rope for $15. Add some lights/candles and viola! I also love filling clear glass containers and/or large mason jars with pine cones, which will add a festive flair to any mantle or side table. Between the pine roping, real Christmas tree and cinnamon pine cones, my house currently smells like an amazing holiday candle from Yankee that has been burning non-stop for days. I LOVE IT!

Wrapping: Once you've picked a theme, whether it be traditional or blush/gold/green (my favorite combo), try to coordinate your wrapping paper and ribbon accordingly. To me, presentation goes a long way. I love the over-the-top bows and crazy patterned paper. It can be somewhat pricey, so I always buy wrapping paper after the holidays are over to stock up for the next year. 

In going through my old photo albums, I found pictures from last year of my apartment and family home decorated for Christmas! Hopefully these give you even more decorating inspiration. :)

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