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Garlands with tissue tassels and balloons?  This DIY is certainly YAY-worthy. Spice up your next wine night or surprise birthday party with this fabulous garland. Although it may be somewhat time consuming to cut the tissue paper for your tassels, it is t-totally worth it. Plus, it costs less than $15 to make! 

Gold balloons
Gold foil tissue
Pink tissue paper in various shades

Step 1 - Fold a piece of tissue paper lengthwise. Then, fold in half widthwise. Fold in half widthwise again. 
Step 2 - Cut your tassel strips from the unfolded end. Make sure you leave about 1 inch from the top of the fold. Your strips can be however thin or thick as you please. Mine are about .5 of an inch wide.  
Step 3 - Unfold once and cut from the top of the fold to the end of the fringe. You should now have three pieces. Two pieces will be smaller than the third. Make sure you cut the third larger piece in half. You should then have four pieces of fringed tissue. 
Step 4 - Once you have unfolded your fringed pieces, begin to roll the tassel along the crease lengthwise. 
Step 5 - Once rolled, begin to twist the center area until tight and make a loop. 
Step 6 - Use your tape to secure the tissue loop in place. 
Step 7 - Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have the desired number of tassels. 
Step 8 - Cut a piece of string for your garland. Add one tassel at a time. I attached each tassel with a simple knot. Add your balloons as you see fit.
Step 9 - Blow up your balloons with the straw provided and tape the tail to the back of the balloon.
All done! The best thing about the garland is that it is totally reusable. You can pack it away in storage and inflate the balloons again at your next shindig.

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