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Vintage Picnic

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Vintage Picnic
A vintage 1950's suitcase + Katie Kime fabric + TLC = BEST PICNIC TRUNK EVER. My mom and I found this gem at an antique store awhile back and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. If you have a couple of hours, grab an old suitcase and your favorite fabric. You will be popping bubbly and picnicking in no time. 
  • Remove the old lining. 
  • Clean the suitcase to get rid of any dirt and/or smell. I used Clorox and Windex. 
  • Use the removed lining as a template and trace around it on flat pieces of cardboard. 
  • Cut the cardboard with a razor. 
  • Cut a piece of fabric for each piece of cardboard that is about a half inch larger on all sides. You want to make sure that there is a little extra so that you can fold it over the back to secure with glue.
  • Glue the fabric to the cardboard and clamp until dry. 
  • Decide on what picnic items you want to create an elastic holder for and measure/cut your elastic accordingly. 
  • Poke holes into each side of the elastic and push a gold brad through. 
  • Measure and mark the area for where you want to attach the elastic to the fabric covered cardboard. Use a drill to make your holes. 
  • Insert the brads into each hole and fold back the legs to secure the elastic to the board. 
  • Adhere each cardboard piece to the interior of the suitcase with tacky glue and clamp. Allow for adequate dry time. 
Time to picnic!!! 

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