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The Pom-Pom Pillow

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The Pom-Pom Pillow
POM-POMS! These fluff balls are AMAZING and are so easy to make. I'd have to say that they also pair quite nicely with flamingos! If you have been making yarn pom-poms the old-school way (with a fork), then you need to try the Clover pom-pom maker. It is a game changer!

Pre-warning to my friends with upcoming birthdays, you may be receiving a pom-pom pillow. I've been pumping these things out like crazy. Weirdly enough, making pom-poms is somewhat fun and therapeutic. 

My mom got me the flamingo pillow covers for Christmas, but there are a ton of cheap options you can find here. I'm pretty obsessed with this one and this one.

Get Winding:
Step 1: Open the arms of the pom-pom maker.
Step 2: Wind the yarn around one side of arms. You want to wind the yarn liberally to ensure maximum coverage and a full pom-pom. Once complete, close the arm to the center.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the other arm.
Step 4: Cut the wound yarn. Using your sharp shears, cut along the middle of each side. Your pom-pom maker should look like a macaron once you have completed all cutting.
Step 5: Cut a 6" to 8" piece of yarn and tie it in between the pom-pom maker. This will ensure that the pom-pom holds its shape. I suggest making a triple knot.
Step 6: Carefully lift the arms and pull the pom-pom maker apart.
Step 7: Fluff and trim.
Step 8: Using a needle and thread, sew the pom-poms along the edges of the pillow.

I still need to get the correct size pillow insert. I apologize for its wimpy appearance! :)

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