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DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters

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DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters
Gold leaf coasters are in and you can make them on a budget! These beauties will add a pop of color to your bar cart or coffee table in no time. Let's get started! 

What You Need:
1 - Gold Leaf Sheets ($10.99) 
2 - Metal Leaf Sealer ($3.80)
3 - Metal Leaf Adhesive ($4.49)
4 - Agate Slices ($32.00)
5 - Paintbrushes*
6 - Rubber Bumpers (16 total)
7 - Latex Gloves
8 - Wax paper
*I used 3 different paint brushes: 1 for the adhesive, 1 for the sealer, and 1 to apply the gold leaf

Get Golding:
  1. Work Station Prep -
    1. Cover your work surface in wax paper and put on gloves. It can get a little messy!
  2. Apply Adhesive -
    1. Apply metal leaf adhesive to agate side and top edge in one thin even layer with a brush.
    2. Wait a few minutes for the metal leaf adhesive to get tacky.
  3. Apply Gold Leaf -
    1. Break up one gold leaf sheet into smaller, manageable pieces.
    2. Use a paintbrush to apply the gold leaf to the agate side and top edge.
    3. Wipe any excess gold leaf off. If the leaf dries in places that you don't want it to, not a problem. You can scrape off the unwanted leafing prior to sealing or even after. 
    4. Note: Sometimes, the gold leaf won't apply to the places that you want it to. Don't get discouraged! Gold leaf is very forgiving. You can reapply the leaf to the areas that were missed without having to start all over!
  4. Apply Sealer -
    1. Apply the metal leaf sealer to the agate side and top edge in one thin, even layer. Let dry.
  5. Bumper time -
    1. Add four rubber bumpers to the bottom of each agate slice. You don't want the agate to scratch your furniture!
  6. Style for yourself or gift to someone special!
Photos & Agate Coasters by Julie Eaheart

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