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Bar Cart Necessity

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Bar Cart Necessity
From chandeliers to sculptural elements, antlers make for the perfect rustic, yet chic decor. You can buy various types of antlers for super cheap online and use them to make all sorts of fun crafts. My mom found my antler on the ground when she was walking around our family farm. You too may also luck out and score one for free!

Let's get DIY'n!

How to:
  • Pick a well-ventilated spot to spray your antler.
  • Spray it! I did two coats of the Rust-Oleum gold.
  • Once dry, wrap a paper towel around your antler and place it in your vice. Tighten the vice accordingly.
    • Note:You want to make sure you protect the antler from scratching, but it isn't a big deal if it gets a little dinged. You can always respray at the end.
  • Mark the center of the antler and select a small drill bit to get the hole started. The bottle opener diameter in the kit I used was 3/8". You will need to gradually increase your bit size so that you can make a big enough hole without cracking the antler.
  • Once you have reached the correct diameter, you can then begin to screw in the bottle opener. And, that's it! Grab some beers, invite friends over, and enjoy your new bar accessory!

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