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Cabin Fever

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Cabin Fever

I have a tray obsession and it is kind of a problem. They are living under my bed, on top of my refrigerator and in my cabinets.  I was recently walking through Target and spotted this Tree Bark Server.  I decided that it had to be made into a tray, as if I need another one.

If you know someone that likes to host, or you want to say thank you to your neighbors that always let you drink their wine and eat their food, then this is the perfect DIY project for you. It is fairly inexpensive to make and you can do it in about one hour.

  1. Pick a ventilated area and spray your pulls with the Rust-Oleum gold paint (twice).
  2. Measure and mark the center of the tray and draw a horizontal line through the center. 
  3. Measure about 1.5" (or more if you'd like) in from the side edge and mark. Repeat this step for both sides of the tray.
  4. The pulls I bought were 3" center to center. I measured and marked 1.5" on each side of the mark that I made in step 3. Repeat this step for both sides of the tray.
  • Make sure to measure as accurately as possible. You don't want to drill the holes in the wrong spot. 
  • Drill. I used a 3/16" bit.
  • Install the hardware with your screwdriver.

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