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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


3 Yards
5 Yards

For the girl that loves all things blush, this subtle rose trio is the perfect combination of texture and elegance. 

Our bouquet bundles are hand picked ribbons in complimentary hues of various silk textures. Each bundle includes 3" of crinkle silk (left), 1.5" of Jefferson Lane signature silk (middle), and 1" of chiffon gauze silk (right). Offered in three (3) and five (5) yards. 

Care: Our ribbons are shipped ironed and rolled, which will naturally create creasing over time. Feel free to steam or iron the ribbons. A flat iron works wonders and is easy to tote along for the day-of! It won’t damage them! However, if your ribbon has a foil monogram, do not iron over it. The heat will remove the foil. Feel free to hand wash the ribbons with Woolite or a touch of Dawn and hang them to dry.