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Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf


A pale and earthy shade of dusty green. All ribbons are hand dyed and hand ripped for a beautiful and unique finish. The ribbons can be used for floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, gift wrapping, staging, etc.    Please Note: Our ribbons are PERFECTLY imperfect. Due to variations in the hand dyeing process, there may be slight differences between the product received and the ribbon pictured above. Unique markings and dye patterns are all part of our dye process. The speckling from the dye makes each ribbon its own.      Add Personalized Monogram ($10) - Please note that monograms will be printed 2" above one of the ribbon ends. For our Monogram and Font Style Guides, please see here

**Made to order items are final sale.  NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.

Make sure to confirm all details before placing an order. Once confirmed, there is No Refund or Exchanges.  All custom order sales are final. 

Visit our Return Policy for more information. 

Shipping: If you select shipment to your home, we will process and ship your order within 5-7 business days. 

What width ribbon is best for bouquets?
It's our creative opinion that the wider, the better. 2" ribbon and above is best for photographs. We also recommend mixing ribbons of different widths for extra dimension!

How many yards do I need for a bouquet?
If you are going for the whimsical look, we suggest 3 yards per bridesmaid bouquet and 5 yards for the bridal bouquet. If you are wrapping the ribbon around the bouquet, we suggest 3 yards.

What should my monogram be?
Standard: First, Last, Middle (Example: Lauren Elizabeth Hunt (LHE))
Married Couple: Wife's First, Married Last, Husband's First (Example: Lauren & Matthew Woods (LWM))

What style monograms do you offer?
We have 12 different monogram styles available in 4 different colors. See the Monogram Options to view all styles.

Can I wash the silk?
Yes. To wash your silk, you can hand wash or machine wash on cold using very mild detergent (we recommend woolite!). Rinse well and hang to dry.

Can I iron the silk?
Yes. You can iron the silk using a light setting. Be careful not to leave in one spot too long as the fabric is delicate. Our secret trick is a straightener - works like a charm!