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Velvet Queen

Katie Kime is my design muse. I discovered her on social media over a year and a half ago and have been girl crushin' hard ever since. Like me, she is a lover of all things bright, white, gold and lucite. Her designs and accent pieces are bold and add character to any space. SHE IS A DESIGN GODDESS. Make sure you checkout her website.

When I decided to move into a one-bedroom last year, I realized... Continue reading

Tea Party Animal

I have a serious love affair with tea! While some people collect coins or stamps, I am a collector of tea sets, old and new. To me, there's something elegant about the English tradition of afternoon tea. It's the perfect excuse to dress up and socialize.

Host a tea party for your girlfriends (or your child's birthday) on a budget! All you need is tea, dainty sandwiches and/or cakes and pastries to...
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Mason Jar Crafts for the Animal Lover

Who ever thought desk organization could look this cute? This DIY is super simple and is a creative way to re-purpose your old mason jars. Whether you fill the jars with loose change or candy for a party favor, the animal lid toppers are surely going to create a stir, as in DIY envy.

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Creative Cupid

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it was only appropriate to share some super easy DIY ideas for your Valentine's (Galentine's) festivities. Think pink and creatively: red velvet push pops, heart-shaped watermelon snacks, homemade flower arrangements, pink lemonade, cosmos, ring pops. The list could go on, and on, and on.

The M&M Showstopper 

When it comes to flowers, I think... Continue reading

Pair Your Oysters with Pearls

I don’t know about you, but I am an oyster fanatic! My mom and I were recently out at dinner and, per usual, I ordered a dozen oysters. The wine was flowing and, oddly enough, we got to talking about oyster crafts. We decided that the shells were beautiful and had the potential to be repurposed as a jewelry dish or candle holder. And so, that is exactly what I set out to do. Now to the important... Continue reading

Jefferson Lane Launch Party

I am so excited to share some of the photos from the Jefferson Lane blog launch party that I had a couple of weeks ago. My friend, Isia Heston, captured fabulous footage of the party and put together a video. I have the most amazing friends and family that have supported and encouraged me throughout this entire process. Cheers to them and a bright future for Jefferson Lane!

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Cabin Fever

I have a tray obsession and it is kind of a problem. They are living under my bed, on top of my refrigerator and in my cabinets.  I was recently walking through Target and spotted this Tree Bark Server.  I decided that it had to be made into a tray, as if I need another one.

If you know someone that likes to host, or you want to say thank you to your neighbors that always let you drink their wine... Continue reading

Diamond in the Rough

It’s truly amazing how a little paint and new hardware can bring an antique back to life! This was a side table that I scored for free from a friend. Check your neighbor’s curb on trash day or visit a flea market on the weekend. You will be sure to find a diamond in the rough for next to nothing.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. There is no priming, no sanding,... Continue reading

Bar Cart Necessity

From chandeliers to sculptural elements, antlers make for the perfect rustic, yet chic decor. You can buy various types of antlers for super cheap online and use them to make all sorts of fun crafts. My mom found my antler on the ground when she was walking around our family farm. You too may also luck out and score one for free!

Let's get DIY'n!

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DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters

Gold leaf coasters are in and you can make them on a budget! These beauties will add a pop of color to your bar cart or coffee table in no time. Let's get started! 

What You Need:
1 - Gold Leaf Sheets ($10.99) 
2 - Metal Leaf Sealer ($3.80)
3 - Metal Leaf Adhesive ($4.49)
4 - Agate Slices ($32.00)
5 - Paintbrushes*
6 - Rubber Bumpers (16 total)
7 - Latex Gloves
8 - Wax paper
*I used 3 different paint...
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