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Snail Mail

With the Holidays right around the corner, I'm sure that you will be writing and sending a number of cards to friends and family. Why not make them beautiful?!? I'm a firm believer that all mail should be thoughtful and I tend to put a lot of effort into anything I send. Unique stamps, colorful envelopes/liners and calligraphy go a lonnnnng way. Although some people may throw it out, I'm one of... Continue reading

Tassel Table Runner

Hi guys! It has been awhile! Life and work have kept me busy, but I'm so excited to finally share another DIY with you. This is by far one of my favorite DIY projects. Katie Kime fabric + tassels = AMAZING. Picking what color tassels to make, aside from relearning how to use a sewing machine, was probably the hardest thing about this project. I literally want to make the same table runner with... Continue reading

Grool Halloween DIY Ideas

I tend to go crazy when it's Halloween. I'm that girl that buys up all of the decorations after season when they are marked down 75% and saves them for the next year. For some reason I just can't resist a good deal, especially on Halloween decor. Can you say Stage 1 HOARDER?!?

With Halloween just around the corner, I figured that you could use some DIY inspiration to get SPOOKishly creative with... Continue reading

Vintage Picnic

A vintage 1950's suitcase + Katie Kime fabric + TLC = BEST PICNIC TRUNK EVER. My mom and I found this gem at an antique store awhile back and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. If you have a couple of hours, grab an old suitcase and your favorite fabric. You will be popping bubbly and picnicking in no time. 

  • Remove the old lining. 
  • Clean the suitcase to get rid of any dirt and/or smell. I...
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Garlands with tissue tassels and balloons?  This DIY is certainly YAY-worthy. Spice up your next wine night or surprise birthday party with this fabulous garland. Although it may be somewhat time consuming to cut the tissue paper for your tassels, it is t-totally worth it. Plus, it costs less than $15 to make! 
Continue reading

Marble Tray DIY

Today I'm talking DIY marble trays! Awhile back my neighbor was redoing his bathroom and had a bunch of leftover marble tiles he was throwing away. I snagged a couple and naturally decided to upcycle them into trays. I'll get to the delicious pizza how-to, but for now, let's DIY marble tiles.

  • Marble tile
  • Hardware 
    • I got mine from Home Depot. Brass hardware can be pricey, so I sprayed mine...
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The Tassel Trend

It's about time you ride in style and up your key chain game. If you haven't noticed, tassels are kind of a big deal right now. From necklaces to purses to scarves, tassels are everywhere. Once you make one of these key chains, you will certainly be addicted. They turn out so stinkin' cute that you won't want to give any of them away. You have been warned - this DIY may create key chain hoarding... Continue reading

The Key to Chalkboard Lettering


Have you ever wondered how coffee shops and restaurants create their perfect chalkboard menus? Well, I'm a craft nerd so I obviously pondered this question and decided to do a little research. The results? You don't need to be a calligraphy expert to create perfect chalkboard lettering. If you can trace, then you can make a sign that looks just as professional.

I have wedding planning on my mind... Continue reading

Ice Ice Baby

Whoever came up with the idea of edible flower ice cubes is a Pinterest genius! My mom and I discovered the idea about four years ago and have been spicing up our cocktails ever since.

Spring is here and I am sure that your foreseeable future is filled with cocktail parties. Get yourself a cute ice cube tray and try these out! They won't disappoint!

Ice cube tray
Edible flowers (I... Continue reading

The Pom-Pom Pillow

POM-POMS! These fluff balls are AMAZING and are so easy to make. I'd have to say that they also pair quite nicely with flamingos! If you have been making yarn pom-poms the old-school way (with a fork), then you need to try the Clover pom-pom maker. It is a game changer!

Pre-warning to my friends with upcoming birthdays, you may be receiving a pom-pom pillow. I've been pumping these things out like... Continue reading